What are Edison Pearls?

Stunning pearl jewelry, once reserved for only the elite in society, is now becoming an everyday accessory to all people due to the creation of the Edison Pearl.  The Edison pearl was a development by the brother and sister team of Weijian Zhan and Weiyu Zhan, who wanted to combine the affordability of cultured freshwater pearls with the high-end luster beauty of salt-water pearls.

To make this happen, years of research and development of new and pioneering cultured pearl farming was done by the siblings and their company, Grace Pearls.  They also had the help of Zhejiang University in east-central China to aid in the perfection of the pearl, which was aptly named Edison, after the American inventor Thomas Edison, who is quoted as saying “there are two things which couldn’t be made at my laboratory - diamonds and pearls.”

The cultivating method used to farm these unique pearls is quite secretive but mainly it involves selecting specific mussels using genetic research and implanting one bead in them at a time.  The implanting process is unique but also secretive too, and since only one bead is used, this allows for one large pearl to develop, unlike other freshwater mussels, which usually make many small pearls at once.

Another impressive quality that Edison pearls have that freshwater pearls don’t is their vivid color and luster.  Most brightly colored freshwater pearls achieve their color by going through a man-made dying process, as they are not naturally those colors.  Edison pearls, however, are naturally colored in brilliant hues such as pink, white, purple, gold, bronze, and more.

These natural colors along with their stunning luster and size have led the Edison to be measured against some of the highest quality and valued pearls on the market like Tahitian and South Sea.  But unlike the Tahitian and South Sea pearl, the Edison pearl’s price makes it a beautiful and attainable fashion accessory for many.

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